A Quick Guide to Window Care

This section is designed to give a basic overview when it comes to windows, screens, and tracks. We hope this information will assist you to make effective choices in caring for your home or office.


    Window cleaning should be a basic part of yearly home maintenance. Remember that over time the interior glass becomes hazy and spotted with bug residue. Many customers are surprised when they realize how much dirt is on the inside of their windows. Cleaning both sides of your windows is a great choice to freshen up your home or place of business.

    Sometimes what you don't do when it comes to your windows is just as important. For example, a typical response to dusty windows is to reach for the garden hose. This may seem to save time, but the result is usually water stains that can cause unsightly damage. If this has already occured we have water stain removal services available. Also, avoid using any abrasive products or scrubbers on tinted windows.  Remove stickers carefully and do not use rusty or dull scraper blades to clear away paint residue on the exterior of your windows.


    It's no fun to have clean windows and then cover them with unsightly screens. Screens certainly take the full force of our weather patterns and relentless sunshine here in Arizona. Over time they become faded and dirt-stained. How can this be prevented? Have your screens cleaned and also treated to protect and restore. This helps bring screens back to their original shine and ready to face the elements. Even older screens can usually be restored to presentable condition. 

    Install and remove screens carefully. Forceful pushing or pulling can cause bent frames or torn fabric. If a screen does not readily fit, be sure it is meant for that specific window, is turned the proper direction, and there are no tabs or other items blocking the space. Loosen sunscreen tabs with a screwdriver, install screens, and then retighten tabs.


Clean tracks are ideal if you enjoy opening your windows for the cooler Spring and Fall seasons. Window and door tracks become the final resting place for various insects, animal fur, and a surprising amount of dirt. A good vacuum with a detailing attachment can remove most of this. Use a small paintbrush to sweep dirt out of the corners. Follow up with a damp cleaning cloth. This is also a good practice to prevent light colored tracks from becoming stained.

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